International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) certified coaches help train you to properly execute the most beautiful and daring moves on pole. Choose amongst tricks and flow classes to become a well-rounded pole artist/athlete. We use 45mm chrome X-poles, stainless X-poles, powder coated FitPole, Sun and Lupit brass poles.


Aerial Hoop

Hoop is a beautiful aerial discipline. It focuses on poses and elegant transitions while spinning or swinging. You will build strength, flexibility and agility.


Ballet Barre

“Ballet Barre” focuses on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. You will improve posture, mobility and flexibility, all while learning graceful dance sequences and having fun!


Aerial Silk

Aerial Silks is one of the most aesthetically pleasing circus disciplines in the world. You are guaranteed to build super-human strength and endurance, all while increasing overall body awareness. We have 4 standard height, professionally engineered rigging points. Our small classes allow for maximum instructor attention and support.


Aerial Straps

Aerial Straps is a fantastic conditioning tool for all aerialists and fitness enthusiasts. You’ll build extraordinary upper body and core strength with pull-ups, planks, one-arm hangs and rolls.



BodyFlex incorporates joint mobility and flexibility training. You’ll work hard, you’ll sweat, and you’ll feel stronger and more limber than ever! BodyFlex incorporates techniques and approaches from various movement disciplines and is geared towards all fitness levels.